Will reading Latin help me be a better translator?

A couple of week-ends ago I attended a course on reading Latin. Our texts for this week-end were from Cicero’s Letters. In addition to improving my Latin grammar and vocabulary the course also stimulated an interest in Cicero’s times. But will it make me a better translator I wonder.
My ability to translate Latin is still quite limited and the type of texts involved is very different from the texts I usually translate. Undoubtedly the exercise is improving of my word power and giving me practice in dealing with complex sentences. There have been occasions when doing battle with a complicated French sentence with numerous sub clauses and inversions I have given thanks for my Latin training. There are also the benefits of reading and appreciating the literary devices used by a master of language like Cicero. Considering the translation problems and seeing how the various published translations have dealt with them should be very beneficial.


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