Famine and Feast

The translation job is one of famine and feast. The ideal situation is for one job to finish and another to come along straight afterwards. To a certain extent this is what happens as there is usually only a day or two between jobs at the most. As I often work weekends, when two free days come along together I use them as replacement weekends, so it suits me fine. The opposite scenario, which occurs quite frequently, is when two or more jobs come along together and I have to turn work away.

It isn’t just the number of jobs that varies though, it is also their size and consequently the income they¬†generate that can vary enormously. In one month, for example, I may only get one or two jobs but they take most of the month to do and bring in enough income. In another month I might have a constant stream of small jobs, that keep me busy, but because of their size the overall income at the end of the month turns out to be below average.

In these difficult times though I cannot complain. Although I am constantly wary of the future so far the business is managing to hold up.


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