Reasons for learning languages

·         When you learn languages you learn about other cultures and how the people who speak those languages think. Learning languages could improve tolerance and understanding in the world.

·         Languages are important in the world of work. The world is becoming smaller. Companies have branches, customers and suppliers all over the world. Having another language can be a real advantage for getting a job.

·         Learning another language helps us to understand our own language better. It can also improve our word power.

·         Once we have learnt one foreign language learning another is much easier.

·         When we visit other countries as tourists or business visitors it is polite to try to speak to people in their own language. Even if we make mistakes, attempts at speaking the language can open doors. Moreover, being able to read warning signs and understand when people try to alert us to danger could be a life saver.

·         Learning a language is good brain training. It builds muscle and stimulates brain activity. It can help delay the onset of dementia.


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