Medieval Latin in Lampeter

I have just returned from a week of Medieval Latin at the University of Lampeter summer school. Apart from it being tiring to study so much for a whole week it was a most enjoyable experience. One of the best things of course is meeting other people with similar interests.

Some thoughts on Medieval Latin. Compared with classical Latin the word order is much easier but this is more than compensated for by specialist vocabulary, spelling differences and some occasional grammatical and textual errors. Of course Medieval Latin covers a much larger time period than the classical era and there are tons of documents out there, many of which have barely been looked at let alone read. We looked at a text that discussed some of the abuse books were subjected to, such as dropping food crumbs and spilling wine on them. Then we read some charters. These were harder than they looked at first sight. The formulaic bits at the beginning were deceptive as some of the content was more complicated, being legal, repetitive and requiring some knowledge of medieval affairs. We finished off with a crusader chronicle. So all in all it was very varied.

I also visited the ruins of Stata Florida Abbey and the Dolaucothi gold mines. On the one day of glorious sunshine I escaped to the very delightful seaside town of Aberaeron.

Last but not least I learned a few words of Welsh!


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