Chinese with the OU

I have just completed my first ever OU course. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I only wish there was a part 2. I certainly feel I have learnt a lot. My tutor was excellent and I was amazed at how effective on-line tutorials can be, although I still think face-to-face is better. The course was well paced, although at times it went too fast. In July I hit a bit of a wall and could not take in any more new information however many times I went over it. However this soon passed and I was able to complete the course. I feel that I need to consolidate now. Reading is my main aim, as a translator, with speaking and listening coming close behind. Even if I do not manage to go to China again there are still opportunities to read and listen to the language. I have bought some DVDs of Chinese films which I enjoy. It is a delight when I can understand the odd phrase. I have started the Edexcel AS course (from a book) but I think it is going to be slow going at first. I really need more reading at the level of the OU course to make the kind of progress I want.


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