March roundup

It is ages since my last post. March has gone crazy as usual with large and small jobs. The large jobs are great and it is relatively easy to spread the work out to avoid fatigue. It is important to keep on top of the small jobs you just fit in. It helps that I am an inveterate list maker. I have an on-going to-do list that I continually update. As things get crossed off and added on during the week I usually find I have to prepare a new one every week. I also prepare a daily action list which enables me to set targets for the day and to ensure I don’t work all day and all night. I try to make it a rule to work no more than 7 hours a day, usually stopping at 18:00 at the latest. Sometimes this means other, domestic chores, like food shopping have to wait. Even the dog has to be patient sometimes. Generally though, I can walk him before I sit down at the computer. Fortunately, other members of the household are ready to step up to the challenge of exercising the dog if necessary.

Yesterday I booked a hall for the June meeting of the Thames Valley Regional Group of ITI.  Should be good. I am looking forward to it.

Shredded paper. It has long bothered me that you cannot put shredded paper in the recycling bin. I think I may at last have found a solution: a composter. So all I need to do now is find somewhere to put it.

I filled in my census return and sent it back. It makes me feel good to know that 100 years from now my descendants will be able to see that great grandma was a freelance translator of French to English.

I am continuing to study palaeography. It is interesting to see how the language has evolved. It struck me that the way people wrote in the past is a fosilised record of the way they spoke. When faced with difficult words it sometimes helps to say them out loud. I have had to do this occassionally with modern translations where the spelling of the original has been bizarre.


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