Apprentice in Paris

On Wednesday night we saw the Apprentice hopefulls trying their luck in France. Only one of the eight actually spoke French. Were the others really incapable of speaking French or did they just lack confidence? Perhaps they had studied Spanish or German at school instead of French. The response to the claimed inability to speak the language was that all their contacts spoke English anyway. What does this say about languages in this country? Well nothing that we didn’t know already I expect. I do think with a little preparation they should all have been able to make the initial contact to get through to the person they needed to speak to. What a wonderful opportunity this could have been to show the importance of learning languages. Everyone was in awe of the girl who spoke French and this could have been a reason for them holding back themselves. Such a pity that the French speaker was not in the winning group and that language ability had no bearing on the successful bid.


2 Responses to Apprentice in Paris

  1. Malcolm says:

    You may be interested to know that my boss wrote a blog (“The Apprentice goes to Paris and we learn three things about being in control in another country”) on the same episode and she suggests that over-reliance on the single French speaker (who had her own agenda) may have been a major contributing factor to the team’s failure.
    You can read this blog at

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