Notes from the lake

It is over a week now since our return from Spain but I have been too busy with my Chinese course to update this blog.

The Castellum in 2006

On one of our walks near our home in Spain we visited our local Roman site. The remains now visible are of a military structure belonging to the second half of the 3rd century AD, constructed on the site of an earlier villa. We first visited the site in 2005. Sadly when we visited again in September 2010 it had been vandalised. A few weeks ago we could barely see the walls for weeds.

Another walk took us out to a high point created by the work to create a high speed rail link from our village to the current high speed line. We have been watching the progress of this work for a couple of years now, noting the transformation of the landscape with cuttings, embankments and tunnels.

Out and about we occassionally saw homemade signs saying: no al anillo – we don’t want the ring. The ring being an enormous circular high speed train testing track.  Despite promises of thousands of new jobs people believe most of these are likely to be in the construction phase only. The short term employment gain has to be offset by the potential long term environmental damage to this a prime agricultural area. Only a few years ago the construction of the Malaga to Cordoba AVE left the town of Valle de Abdelajis without a water supply. I remember a demonstration about it in Antequera and signs all over the town of Valle Abdelajis referring to the town without water.


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