They call it the silly season. It was certainly a quiet month for me in the way of translation but as it was the first real break I had had for over a year I took full advantage of the rest.
When prolonged periods of inactivity like this come along it can be disconcerting and there is sometimes a tendency to fear that this is the end. Panic may set in and with it a sudden urge to look for another job. Over the years I have become used to this pattern of work. It can even be turned to advantage.
Here is a summary of ten things to do while waiting for the translation world to wake up again:
1. Review your accounts. Once you have sorted out the paperwork take a hard look at trends, review your targets, weed out bad payers, make sure your credit control system is in place, etc.
2. Review your marketing strategy. Ensure your marketing is targeting the right clients. Update your profile, blog, website, etc.
3. Review your environmental policy. Have a clear out. Recycle.
4. Review your IT and telephony systems. Carry out routine housekeeping. Try out or get to grips with unfamiliar software.
5. Review your CPD. Do a SWOT analysis. Turn weaknesses into strengths, threats into opportunities. Book courses and conferences. Update your CV.
6. Phone a friend. Network with other translators.
7. Exercise.
8. Have a day out, enjoy your hobbies.
9. Volunteer.
10. Action. Draw up an action plan. Get some dates in your diary.


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