New Year Resolution

According to tradition today is the day for making New Year resolutions. By writing them down and posting them here, there may be more incentive to keep to at least some of them.

1. Write this blog more regularly. Last year I was abysmal at posting blogs, but this year I already have some ideas lined up so that should help.

2. Learn Danish. I have chosen Danish for the uTalk challenge. If I can complete all the essentials by the end of the month I will get another language to learn.

3. Read the unread books on the bookshelves. This was my project for last year but although I made some progress I also bought, and read, new ones. This year I think I have focused my reading more and I have identified my reading programme.

4. Improve my Chinese by getting to the end of a text book and reader.

5. Get my Italian up to a workable standard.

6. Make some inroads into the pile of unread magazines. 

7. Turn some of the stash of craft materials and kits into finished articles.

8. Stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise regime.


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