Language Collecting

Languages are my passion and always have been. I have never been able to resist the opportunity to add another one to my porfolio. Over the next year I am planning to undertake some travelling, which will inevitably bring me into contact with languages. Some I will be familiar with and others will be new. Some will have have large numbers of speakers, some may be localised or endangered and still others may already be dead.
Having decided to see how many languages I can collect over the year I then considered what criteria I could use to count them as “collected”. It is not practical to learn each language to a certain level and I do not want to trivialise them by just learning a few phrases. I do however want the collection to be real and meaningful. I may have to make up the rules as I go along and perhaps eliminate some languages from the “collection” or revisit them.
I will consider widely spoken modern languages, localised or endangered languages and finally dead languages. I will also consider different language families. I want to acquire some knowledge of how the language works and appreciate the environment in which it is or was used as well as the culture(s) speaking it.


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